Satisfaction Guarantee

Fresh Clean Services are the go-to cleaning company for anybody who likes their home clean and sparkling fresh. Our cleaners are highly experienced, with a vast repertoire of cleaning tricks to make sure your home is spick and span. We are so confident of our services that we offer a 48-hour correction window, you have to get in touch if things aren’t just perfect! This is doubling the time for correction compared to our competitors. If you opt for a bi-weekly service, our cleaners are happy to chat with you about which chores to prioritise on the days that suit you – or leave it to them and trust them to work their magic.

During my lifetime, I myself have used several cleaning services. Though some were ok, I found there was always something missing. I have also worked in both juvenile and elderly residential care and spent some years in catering and hospitality. I understand the importance’s of clean. Because of this, our promise guarantees a comprehensive 100% Satisfaction Cleaning Guarantee - because you deserve it.

We also guarantee that we will be there on the day and time you stipulate. If, for whatever reason, your cleaner does not show on the day s/he is due, you’ll receive your next clean half price*. I will also come, in my capacity as managing director, and complete your clean on that same day. We understand the stress and inconvenience a delayed service represents to a busy lifestyle.

Our comprehensive guarantees are there because we know as a customer you have a choice when it comes to having your home cleaned. We know safety is key, if you ask for us to supply cleaning products, we will inform you what cleaning products we are using prior to the clean.


1) We will be totally honest with you. 

2) We will be totally transparent with you.

3) We will respect you, your family, guests and your home.

4) If you need a quick clean, we will be as fast as humanly possible.

5) Our customer service will be as though your speaking to friends. 

6) Our own cleaning products (where possible) will be eco-friendly,

7) I will answer any questions you have. 

8) All our cleaners will have been: 1) Police checked 2) Vetted for comprehensive cleaning experience 3) Trained by a managerial cleaner before taking independent jobs 4) Spot checked 5) Met your approval before they start cleaning your home. 

​Fresh Clean Services is a family owned company serving clients in Brighton & Hove, although we are due for expansion. We offer free quotes which never change in price once work is done.  All cleaning jobs will be subject to first consultation. 

Call today for reputable, reliable and affordable house cleaning. 

FRESH CLEAN SERVICES give you the gift of time, allowing you to spend time doing the things you really enjoy. We guarantee our cleaning 100 per cent!


* We do not offer cash refunds, we will come and correct the work within 48 hours. 

* Full payment needs to have been made for the satisfaction guarantee. 

* If evidence has not be supplied, and the issues you are referring too relate to higher priced cleans. You maybe charged £25 call out charge. For example, if you choose a cheaper deep clean, but are not satisfied with your clean because the walls were not washed down, then this would be an end of tenancy clean rather than a deep clean you require. Wall cleaning does not come under deep clean. You maybe charged a call out fee. We always ask that you send photos via email to for clarification. 

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* Guarantee subject to mitigation by unforeseen/unavoidable circumstances such as: undriveable weather, road accidents or serious illness.


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