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Why does Fresh Clean Services choose Method?

meet adam and eric

meet adam lowry and eric ryan, proud brainparents of method® and the very first people against dirty®. despite founding one of the fastest-growing private companies in america, and single-handedly turning the consumer-packaged-goods industry on its head, these two former roommates are quick to tell you that they’re no heroes. and that’s true. they’re super-heroes. and like every great superhero, they gained their powers after being exposed to toxic ingredients. cleaning supplies, to be precise. but rather than turning them green or granting them the ability to talk to fish, eric and adam’s toxic exposure gave them something even better. an idea.

eric knew people wanted cleaning products they didn’t have to hide under their sinks. and adam knew how to make them without any dirty ingredients. their powers combined, they set out to save the world and create an entire line of home care products that were more powerful than a bottle of sodium hypochlorite. gentler than a thousand puppy licks. able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon.

1) We look at the world through bright-green coloured glasses.

2) We prefer ingredients that come from plants, not chemical plants.

3) We see that guinea pigs are never used as guinea pigs.

4) We'’re entranced by shiny objects, like clean dinner plates, floors you could eat off, nobel peace prizes + tasteful public sculptures.

5) We’'re an e.o.m.e.d. (equal opportunity movement for environment and design) method is our way of keeping the movement, well, moving.

6) We make role models in bottles.

7) We’'re the kind of people who'’ve figured out that once you clean your home, a mess of other problems seem to disappear too.

8) We always see the scent glass as half full, and assume everyone we meet will smell like fresh cut grass or a similar yummy, nothing-but-good fragrance.

9) We exercise by running through the legs of the giant. and while we love a freshly detoxed home, we think perfect is boring, and weirdliness is next to godliness

10) We also believe in making products safe for every surface, especially earth'’s.

11) It’s “everybody into the pool! ”(we believe in spontaneous bursts of enthusiasm

12) We consider mistakes little messes we can learn from; nothing that can'’t be cleaned up and made better.

13) We embrace the golden ylang-ylang rule: do unto your home as you would do unto you. (your shower doesn’'t want to have morning breath any more than you do.)

14) We believe above all else that dirty, in all its slime, smoggy, toxic, disgusting incarnations is public enemy number one.

15) Good always prevails over stinky

Happy homes

happy, healthy homes are our mission. homes where potentially toxic chemicals don’t lurk beneath your sinks or lay in wait on your surfaces. homes where clean doesn’t come with eye-watering, breath-holding side effects. happy, healthy homes are the result of eliminating dirt with products formulated from naturally derived ingredients, safe for your family + furry companions.

A global leader

method runs its business in a values-driven manner, building social + environmental benefit into its products and everything it does. being a b corporation allows method to build that ethos into the legal backbone of the company so that those values will never be compromised.

How we make our products

We believe that authenticity requires transparency. so we are transparent about what we’re doing and thinking—from the ingredients in our products to the processes used to make them.

How we empower consumers

We believe in empowering our advocates to make informed choices regarding the products they use, rather than simply trying to convince them.

How we run our company

our b corp survey is a transparent, audited record of our performance as an ethical company, available

method cares

method cares is our program to give back to our local communities. a core belief at method is that people against dirty® should fight dirty on the front lines where we live. every employee at method gets 1 day every year to give back to the local community and they can choose to do whatever they want. but people against dirty have a tendency to flock together, so most of our activities are group events.


What is the pH of method products?

The purpose of both cleaning and laundry products are to remove particular types of stains. in your bathroom you will find lime scale whereas you will have to deal with a variety of food stains whilst cleaning plates after dinner. the pH of each cleaning or laundry product is related to the type of stains it has been formulated to remove.

to remove grease stains, for example, on clothing or on a dresser and kitchen sink unit, you need an alkaline solution (to saponify the oil). for this reason laundry liquids and all purpose cleaners have a high pH.

removing lime scale, on the other hand, you need an acidic formula. in general cleaners for bathrooms and toilets have an acidic pH, in order to remove lime scale.

furthermore cleaners for delicate surfaces will have a neutral pH (eg. granite. hand gel wash will also have a more neutral pH to leave your hands feeling loved.

Where can I find a list of your ingredients and colourants

You can find a comprehensive list of all our ingredients on our website click here to see ingredients + colourants. this includes the ingredient chemical name, plus an explanation about the ingredient’s use.

Are Methods fragrances natural or synthetic?

Method fragrances contain both natural essential oils and synthetic components. at method, we work closely with our fragrance houses to develop innovative aromatic experiences that exceed the strict internal health and environmental standards we have for all of our ingredients. in the development of a fragrance, like any other component of a product, the materials must be healthy in all respects – for people and pets, for the homes in which they are used, and in the environment. any material that is used in a method fragrance must meet this minimum to even be considered as a formulation component. specifically, all fragrance materials must be shown to be non-irritating, non-toxic and non-allergenic, and must be fully biodegradable.

our fragrance blends contain both essential oils from natural sources and complementary components that are man-made. the essential oils are selected to best capture the essence of natural scents, while the man-made materials are selected to deliver the broadest possible palette of aromas by enhancing or complementing the natural oils. materials from either origin are healthy, environmentally friendly and have been responsibly produced.

to support our fragrance development process, method uses an independent environmental research institute ( to identify the optimal fragrance materials.

What is the relationship between method and Ecover?

In September 2012, method and Ecover joined forces to create the world’s largest green cleaning company. while method was fully acquired by Ecover, the approach to integrate the brands is more like a merger – working collaboratively to create innovative and deeply sustainable green cleaning products.

Is method environmentally friendly?

Definitely. we have a whole group of formulators, engineers and scientists that keep method products their greenest. we call them our “greenskeepers.” they:

• assess all of the ingredients in our formulations to guarantee that they are good for the environment, and safe for people and pets.

• ensure method’s final products are biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for river and marine life.

• conduct external testing based on international standards for biodegradability and non-toxicity of our products

• constantly seek ways to make products with no compromises in environmental performance or efficacy.

if they can’t find a way to make a product work well and be healthy, we won’t make it. It’s as simple as that.

Is Method Non Toxic?

Method cleaning products are ‘non-toxic’ under normal usage conditions, do not give off harmful vapours and are safe for use around children, pets and women who are pregnant. all ingredients in our cleaning products are carefully screened before consideration as a formulation ingredient to make sure they contribute to an effective cleaning process without presenting any possibility of harm to the user when used as directed.

Is method tested on animals?

Never. method is 100% cruelty-free, has never tested its products nor their ingredients on animals and does not endorse, request nor commission any animal testing on our behalf.

method works with our suppliers to ensure that no animal testing ever be done in the development of ingredients for our products. some suppliers of the more commonly used ingredients in cleaning and personal care products have been in production for over 50 years, and have performed animal testing in this time. method does not solicit, endorse, nor encourage animal testing from its suppliers; however, we bare no effect on testing done prior to our existence. given that the vast majority of regulatory agencies in the world have historically preferred animal testing to gauge the safety of materials, the number of possible ingredients that have been animal tested at some point in their history is huge.

method has a forward-looking approach to making animal testing obsolete. we obtain statements from our suppliers that no testing is done on our behalf, and have lobbied to gain acceptance for our non-animal product testing protocols from various regulatory agencies, consumers, and others. for our product safety testing we use in-vitro (non-animal), simulated skin and eye irritation tests.

these efforts were part of the reason PETA named our two co-founders, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, people of the year for 2006 for their leadership in cruelty-free business practices and gave method a ‘proggy’ award that same year.



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