Free Cleaning - It's simple

At Fresh Clean Services, we are so confident in our cleaning services, that we offer a bonus. This is so that you can test us on how thoroughly we clean your home, office or even caravan. At Fresh Clean Services, we clean places that would not instantly catch your eye; whether it be under your sink, behind your mirrors, or even headboards, there Is no place that Fresh Clean Services wont clean. During your clean, one of our professional cleaning subcontractors will place an FCS sticker, somewhere in the space you have requested to be cleaned. If you are able to find the sticker within 48 hours, then you will receive the clean completely free. Terms and conditions apply. Please click the example sticker below for further information. 

You will be automatically entered into our competition when you purchase any type of service from Fresh Clean Services. If you are picked, you will be informed that a sticker is hidden in your home. If you find it, you will get you next clean free.

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